Experienced and trained coaches providing one-on-one executive coaching, career coaching and mentoring services that generate confidence to take action.




We come from a business practitioner perspective, rather than a psychological or counselling perspective. Our goal is not to provide analysis – it is to help you with your thinking in order to gain clarity and insight into your issues and move to practical action. Working within the broad framework of the GROW coaching model, our coaching approach is primarily based on action learning principles as we move around a cycle of exploration: sense-making – planning – action – reflection. Typically our coaching assignments fall within the following categories:

  • Issue-based coaching – we work on workplace opportunities or issues that are important to you.
  • Developmental coaching – we work on leadership behaviours or skills that you wish to develop.
  • Career coaching – we explore strategies for career development.

We always aim to build a positive relationship with our coaching clients – personable but purposeful. Our coaching clients will experience us as:

  • Easy-going and affable
  • Present and attentively listening
  • Asking insightful or challenging questions
  • Offering feedback – providing a mirror to what you might not see
  • Offering concepts or strategies that might help
  • Practical and action focussed

We also have extensive materials and resources that we make available to our coaching clients, such as guides on active listening; achieving buy-in, giving and receiving feedback, holding people accountable, delegation, managing up, situational leadership, emotional intelligence, making personal changes stick, the practice of reflection, overcoming imposter syndrome etc. We are able to provide access to over 200 resources – tips & hints guides, tools and frameworks, practical ideas guides, videos and blog posts.

Example Coaching Challenges

We have worked with executives, senior managers, team leaders, front-line supervisors and individual staff on these challenges:

  • Building confidence with networking
  • Influence and leadership of stakeholders
  • Developing strategic thinking capabilities
  • Exploring future career pathways
  • Managing resistance during organisational change
  • Improving people leadership
  • Leading teams
  • Strategic decision making
  • Managing up
  • Confidence building
  • Coaching others
  • Holding difficult conversations
  • Exploring personal motivation levers
  • Working in government
  • Leading change projects