High quality and impactful development programs in applied leadership development, action learning teams and facilitated soft skill development and application.




Applied Leadership Development – Discovery in Action® (Leading People)


Our flagship proprietary people leadership development program Discovery in Action® (Leading People) is a practical, workplace-based, peer and coach supported leadership development program over 6 months that guides small groups of leaders to research, reflect and improve their people leadership practice.

Discovery in Action® is an applied leadership development process – it is not a training program. There is no content-based ‘classroom instruction’ as part of the process. The program utilises adult learning principles and is based on the premise that participants have a range of leadership and life experiences, knowledge and theory that they bring to bear in their leadership development. It is a self-directed learning process where the content is created by the participants themselves drawing on their knowledge, experience and workplace-based issues.

The program has been delivered to over 700 participants across a range of organisations with consistently positive demonstrable behaviour changes in leaders resulting from the program with consequent positive impacts on their staff. All clients of this program have ordered multiple programs based on the program’s impact.


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Development Programs

We deliver a range of development programs that aim to build the capabilities of leaders and people in the workplace to optimise their personal wellbeing and effectiveness. These programs are customisable and range from 2-hour, ½-day, full-day or multiple day configurations. They include:


All programs integrate action learning into the course activities, and consider different learning styles in workshop design. Workshop design considers opportunities to learn from others (including internal speakers if appropriate, videos etc), role and ‘real plays’, practical activities, and include a mix of individual reflection, and small and large group activities. Exposure to new concepts or models is done through a facilitated approach, and opportunities for self-discovery are regularly included in design, including appreciative inquiry-based activities.

We also develop and design tailored programs responsive to client needs and requirements. For example, we have also run workshops covering topics such as

We can run short 1-3 hour sessions on some content themes, drawing from content in our various workshop designs. Please feel free to get in touch to explore this further.

A summary of these course outlines can be downloaded by clicking here.

Team High Performance Workshop

Do you have an intact team that you’d like to move towards the high performance end of the result spectrum?

If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, contact us about our ‘Team : High Performance’ workshop. This utilises a similar framework to that used in DiA Leading People program – beliefs (conditions) and behaviours. Many teams have found the application of this framework useful in exploring the conditions and behaviours necessary for excellent team performance and results.

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Action Learning

We provide action learning team coaching services – supporting action learning teams through a process of self-discovery and learning about leadership, team dynamics, organisational culture, decision-making and managing change – as they work on real organisational challenges. Such challenges in working with clients have included:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Building leadership potential in junior staff
  • Making flexible working arrangements work in practice
  • Managing and sharing regional knowledge/intelligence
  • How to optimise the use of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Adapting to emerging priorities in a resource-constrained environment

DiSC Workshops

Everything Disc® profiles help people to understand their own DiSC® styles, their team members’ styles and how their styles contribute to the team’s overall success.

We take individuals through 1:1 DiSC® debriefs, and also run DiSC® debriefs in workshops with intact teams. We've also extended these options to include the new Catalyst®platform, allowing a variety of facilitated modules with teams over 2-6 weeks, helping to keep DiSC alive!

On completion of the DiSC Workplace workshop, participants will have…

  • Gained insights into their own behaviour - what motivates them, what they value and what causes them stress
  • Understood and appreciated the styles of the people they work with
  • Understood the group culture and how this impacts the way the team works, and
  • Learnt about strategies for enhancing relationships, improving communication and overcoming challenges when working with people of different DiSC® styles

On completion of the Management workshop, participants will have…

  • Gained insights into their own behaviour and that of others
  • Understood and appreciated the styles of the people they work with, and
  • Learnt about strategies for managing people with different DiSC® styles, with a focus on Directing and delegating, Motivating and the environment you create, Your approach to developing others, Working with your manager